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Top 90 Kpop Music Videos from 2016 [90-71]

Music videos are just as subjective as the music itself. I tend to like story driven or choreography heavy MVs. The cute-sy ones are cute, but not usually my favorite. Also, it's very difficult to separate my opinion on the song from the MV. There are some songs I love, but the MV is horrendous. Then there are songs that the MV makes me like it more. It just depends.

Trends I noticed in male Kpop MV's this year:

  • Beat up boys ~ They are so pretty, they love when they get to look a little rough and bad ass. There were a lot of concepts that had make-up artists testing their talents by putting scrapes, bruises, cuts, blood, and bruises all over these boys. It was a popular theme this year.
  • The 80s ~ You see, I was around in the 80s so I remember the fashion the first time around. It was not pretty. I don't know why Kpop wants to bring it back, but there was a lot of 80s themed concepts this year. Some pulled it off okay, other's bombed at it, but I really hope it doesn't continue to be a trend in the new year. 
That's it really. Not all groups touched on these concepts, but when I went through and watched all the 2016 male Kpop MVs, I just noticed these popped up more frequently than I remembered. Just an interesting aside. 

Another thing to be noted is that I adore every one of the groups on this list. They wouldn't be on the list if I didn't like them, TBH. I am Kpop trash for the most part- if it's a boy Kpop group it won't take much to make me love them. Despite all my love for these groups, some of their MVs are just not as appealing to me as others. Some people might love an MV that drives me crazy, but that's okay. I realize that not everything is made for me. There are a wide variety of things that people like, and I accept that. Just because an MV is #90 doesn't mean it's a terrible video (though #90 is pretty terrible). If you like it, however, I don't hate that. Like it. You're allowed.

So here is my opinion, the bottom 20. This list has been revised and edited throughout the process of me downloading things and editing them, so it's pretty accurate to my feelings. I like watching top 10s and whatnot to see what other people think about things, to see if our opinions are similar or not. Sometimes they are, sometimes they are most definitely not. 

Explanations about my opinions under the cut

#90 - Beatwin - "Rising Sun"

Beatwin is a group I discovered this year. This was their end of the year song; their previous song was much better. However, their company gives them weird ass concepts. I don't understand the concept for the Rising Sun concept at all. It's very 80s themed, but the different outfits on stage just threw me off. The MV is pretty terrible to me, with them just walking, the faded colors, wearing the odd clothes with bad hair. I actually don't mind the song, it's okay, but this MV is just not what these cute, talented boys deserve. 

#89 - SHINee - "1 of 1"

This was totally embracing the 80s concept. SHINee was one of the first groups that got me into Kpop, so they always have a special place in my heart, but the MV was terrible. I know it was trying to be kitsch; I totally understand what they were going for, but I didn't like it. It doesn't help that it's one of my least favorite songs of the year as well. SHINee is like that for me...I either love or hate their concept. There's no grey area with them. This 80s debacle of a video is on the dislike end for me. 

#88 - NCT Dream - "Chewing Gum"

Okay, NCT Dream has got the most adorable children on the planet. I am NCT trash for sure, but this MV was not something I could get behind. Again, the 80s graphics were too much for me. Plus, again, the song is mediocre to me. I really, really love my NCT children but this video concept was not aimed at my demographic at all.

#87 - JJCC - "Today"

Oh JJCC. My bestie and I discovered them at the end of last year, randomly by chance, and we have been huge supporters as best we can, but sometimes this group makes it difficult. I liked the song okay, I like the bright pastels of the video, but they wore way too much lip gloss/color for me. That literally ruined the video for me, their lips. If they had had normal color lips, I would have put this video higher. Isn't that crazy? But poor JJCC. They just can't get a break. This MV didn't help.

#86 - EXO - "For Life"

Don't get me wrong. I love EXO. Some of their MVs are very high on my list. But this MV...I don't get it. I honestly don't understand the story it was trying to tell. And it didn't show all the members, but it showed random members. It was trying to tell me a story. If someone knows the story, please let me know. 

#85 - Bastarz - "Make it Rain"

The song grows on you...the MV does not. Last year the Bastarz song was my jam, but I don't recall the MV off the top of my head. I watched this MV and really tried to like it, but it's definitely not better than anything higher on this list. My affection for the three boys has put this higher on the list than it probably deserves. Block B is nothing if not good at pushing the envelope and that's what this video is trying to do. It's not terrible, but it's not very good either.

#84 - VIXX - "The Closer"

Oh VIXX. You're another group that hits the nail on the head or completely misses it and bashes my thumb into painful mess. This song is fine, but I absolutely hate dark MVs where I can't see WTF is going on. 80% of this video is black. I remember being excited for the release, then seeing it, and just wanting to cry into my pillow because I couldn't see what was happening. Don't waste money filming an MV then don't show me what you filmed. I wanna see it. There is a way to do dark without it being black. Ugh. And I wanted to like it so much.

#83 - Nu'est - "Love Paint"

I'll be honest, Nu'est isn't totally on my radar. I didn't know they were releasing a song until I saw them on stage and realized who it was. I watched this video, it's okay. That's the best I can say about it. It's okay. It was the MV I judged a lot of MV's it better than Love Paint? I don't have a lot to say about it, because it's just mediocre. I hope for something more exciting from them in 2017.

#82 - 100% - "Better Day"

Yey for TOP Media! But I don't really follow 100%. Up10tion are my boys, though, and I know these are their big brothers, so family support! Fighting! But this MV is just kinda average. The dancing is great, but it's very average amongst all the other MVs. It's just okay.

#81 - Beatwin - "Your Girl"

Yea. Beatwin. I like the song okay, but this MV...smh. It's average at best, the dancing is okay but the "story" is lacking. They didn't really commit to a concept, they just kinda made a video. The dancing saved it a little, though the choreography isn't spectacular. 

#80 - Beast - "Butterfly"

I discovered Beast (B2st) this year. I knew of them, but they won my heart on Weekly Idol with this comeback. Butterfly is okay, it uses many of my favorite colors in a very vibrant way. And Junhyung looks absolutely edible in the MV. But the CGI butterfly was kinda lame and the rest of them didn't look quite their best. Again, the MV was ok, I'm not a huge fan of the song, but it wasn't their best work as far as MVs go. I am excited to see what they do with their own company in 2017.

#79 - EXO - "Lucky One"

Oh dear. EXO again. But can we all agree that this MV was just weird? The song is so catchy, but the MV is just strange. Why are they in a hospital? I am ok with them using their powers, but why is Kai dancing in the middle of the escape? Why are heads exploding? WTF is going on this weird video? I don't know. Stop confusing me EXO. 

#78 - Astro - "Hide and Seek"

Okay. It's cute. But it is just not my cup of tea. Most Astro videos I can watch once and be happy. It was cute, I was pleased, and I don't need to see it again. I don't know why. I love Astro, they are my nephews, but their MVs don't do much other than be cute for me. It's not a bad video, just not my favorite.

#77 - Snuper - "You=Heaven"

Again, cuteness abounds. Snuper has had some highs and lows this year, and this was more of a low to me. As cute as the video is, I'm not one for super cutesy videos. I am sure some people adore them, and that's fantastic, but it's just not me. BUT GO LOVE SNUPER BECAUSE THEY ARE SWEETHEARTS!!!

#76 - EXO-CBX - "Hey Mama"

I like the song, Baekhyun and Chen are two of my favorite EXO members, Xiumin is my husband on Sims 3, but this MV is terrible. I mean, it's not horrible I suppose, but it's bad. It's 80-ish themed, and very colorful, but too silly for me. Just make a performance video. Please.

#75 - Agust D - "Give It To Me"

Just so you are aware of one of my biases, BTS is my favorite group. I have been a fan of theirs for a year and a half, just before they got super popular, and I have been so happy to see them grow and enjoy success. Suga was my first bias, and while my heart now belongs to V (and Jin), Suga was one of my first Kpop biases ever and he holds a special place in my soul. That being said, I was not the biggest fan of these videos. I liked them okay, and Suga is cute no matter how bad ass he raps, but I didn't need to see the videos more than once. I feel like somehow that makes me a bad ARMY, but I can't change how I feel. The MVs are just okay to me.

#74 - Astro - "Confession"

See #78. It's super cute, and I love their cute concepts, but the MV was just okay for me. I do like that they use bright, happy colors. They are bright, happy boys. Again, I'm just not always down for the cutesy stuff.

#73 - Snuper - "Platonic Love"

Here we go with the 80s again. Roller skating and color schemes that are so stuck in the past that it taints the whole thing. Of course, it was meant to look retro, I understand that, but I already told you I'm not a fan of bringing the 80s back. I do like the song, and their cute little choreo, which saves it. And if I didn't say it before, LOVE SNUPER.

#72 - VIXX - "Dynamite"

Not only is the video a throwback to the 80s, the song sounds like it came straight from the 70s-80s. It's very disco. This video isn't actually too bad; if they had left out the 70/80s themed clothes/concept, I would have been happy to put it higher on the list. But, alas, they did not. So here it is. 

#71 - SS301 - "Remove"

SS501 was the first group that my bestie and I fangirled over. We watched all the videos on them, learned their names, learned the dances, we are still hardcore fans of anything Double S does. This MV is not bad, we are actually getting to the point where I had hard decisions to make. But I did not like it better than things higher on the list. I like the concept of the time passing with the sand in the hourglass, and having to 'remove' her from his head because she's a cheater face, but it wasn't a "special" video. It didn't have that "thing" that would bump it higher on the list. I will miss the baby when he goes into the military next year, mostly because it delays a 501 reunion until later down the road. I am interested to see what 2017 brings for my Double S boys. 

And that's it for this ranking section. What are you thoughts? Do you agree with any of these? Are you a cute-concept fan, or a bad-boy-concept fan? Do the 80s concepts bother you, or do you think they're cool? Let me know in the comments! ^^


  1. You really should be nicer to your nephews:). They lub you a lot

    1. I lub them too! I just want them to have better videos! They are super cute though. I mean, they are always cute. They can't help it. And I'm sure I'll be a hypocrite at some point, but I can't help my feelings about MVs and songs. Sowwy nephews. I still love you and will buy you lots of ice cream!

  2. You think you're going to miss the baby?!? He's my cheese puff! Your diva will be out before my noodle head even goes in.. well all that delay will give KHJ time to straighten out his mess so they can finally all come together on one stage ensuring you and I will be there to see them!


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