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Top 90 Kpop Music Videos from 2016 [70-51]

I noticed that a lot of the same groups ended up in this bracket. Like there are two Seventeen videos, both Big Bang videos, both Winner videos, two NCT videos....just a lot of the same groups. These are middle ground videos, and I like a lot of these videos, I just didn't like to the same degree as others on the list. This is where things get real, where the subjective nature of art comes in. Most of my comments are going to be generally good, because, again, I like these videos.

Explanations, as always, under the cut.

#70 ~ Seventeen ~ Very Nice

Anyone who knows me, knows I adore Seventeen. They were my gateway drug into liking more than two or three groups. Through them we discovered Monsta X and my life went downhill from there. They, however, need new directors for their music videos. If you look at all their MVs, they range from decent to terrible, which is disappointing. However, I love every live performance they do. I usually watch the MV once and then when I need to watch some Seventeen I go watch their live stages. Much better watching.

As for this particular video, it was cute, but the exploding confetti was just weird, and maybe a little sexual. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but it was strange. I love my boys, but this video was just odd.

#69 ~ Beast ~ Ribbon

This was the comeback that had me all over Beast. Junhyung is, like, perfect boyfriend material, Yoseob is just someone you want to hug constantly, the leader is the nerdiest nerd, the baby is tall and awkward, and Gikwang is sexy and barely puts up with them, even though he's the biggest dork of them all. I love them now. Ribbon is a fantastic song. The okay. It's not my favorite dance to start off with, and I'm not a fan of the concept. So, yeah, it's here because it's a "meh" video. They deserve something a little better. Hoping for something better in 2017 now that they have their own label.

#68 ~ BAP ~ Feel So Good

Cutesy BAP. It works, but it is also a contradiction. I do like this video, the colors are great, the clip I put in my video is my favorite, but it falls into my okay category. It's bordering that 80s concept that drives me crazy, which is probably why it's this low on my chart.

#67 ~ Agust D ~ Agust D

I enjoyed this MV better than his other one, I'll be honest. He looks so cute and is rapping his little heart out, it's such an oxymoron that it makes me smile every time. The MV is okay. I love Suga. That's all I can say.

#66 ~ Big Bang ~ Last Dance

My favorite part of this video is the coloration. That was cool. I watched it on my phone and I set my phone down on the table for a moment, and watching it flat on the table was more interesting that holding my phone up to watch it. It made the perspective changes cooler. However, you don't get to see the boys well enough; I like to see the talent when their in a MV, even if it's just flashes. I felt like it was too dark and too far away. It was a low budget MV, serviceable, but nothing super special. I liked it okay.

#65 ~ KNK ~ Back Again

This MV was just weird. That's why it's here. The weird floating scenes, the black/red/white was just strange. KNK looked good, as they always do, but the overall theme of the video was just too weird for me, so this video is hanging out at this score.

#64 ~ 2PM ~ Promise

I didn't know about this video until I made this list. I watched the MV and it was pretty low on my list. But then Nichkhun and Wooyoung had their scenes and I was hooked. Wooyoung is just sexy and angryNick! was so good. It knocked this video up quite a few notches. 2PM needs to do more things. There isn't enough sexy around, and they always bring it. More 2PM 2017!!

#63 ~ Romeo ~ Miro

So, I'm a sucker for anything Alice in Wonderland, and this video falls into that category. Not only is Romeo the cutest, and I love watching them dance, this video was cute without being cutesy. Minho's appearance was cool, but unnecessary. I hope it helped them collect a few more fans, but they are good on their own. I enjoyed this video, I've watched it a few times.

#62 ~ Winner ~ Sentimental

This was a hard one to rank. I want to put Winner up high on my list, but their videos are okay to me. I think YG didn't put enough into them. They could be better. The room thing was cute, but weird. I LOVE the scenes near the end where they are playing the instruments in the kitchen and dancing there...there is a lot about this video I love. The colors are great, it's just a really okay video.

Sigh, Winner...It's been exactly a year since I discovered them and so much in their lives have changed. They were so full of hope in January 2016...and now they are down a member in Jan 2017. It's so sad. I love Winner, I hope things go well for them this year.

#61 ~ NCT U ~ Without You

I kind of understand this video. These are three of my fav NCTers, this song is great, and they look amazing in the video. I think that they all love that girl, but I don't get why she doesn't acknowledge them. Is she cheating on them? Or are they just in love with her from afar? I don't know. That's the only reason this video is this far down on the list. I'm confused by it. But I do like that it has a story. It's going in the right direction.

(this is where you'll start seeing repeated groups)

#60 ~ BAP ~ That's My Jam

This is a good video. I remember when it dropped and we watched it like three times in a row. I love the talk show thing in the beginning. I love the beach scene with Daehyun, Jongup, and Youngjae. Again, I'm at the part where I like the MVs, they just aren't what I like as much as other ones. I have nothing really bad to say about this MV, it's great.

#59 ~ KNK ~ U

Poor KNK. I don't know happened to their actual MV, it's so strange that they didn't release a "real MV" but they did release a performance version. I love performance versions more than actual MVs 9 times out of 10. Since that was what was released for this song, I'm counting it as an MV. And it's good! It's filmed well, I can watch KNK dance all day long, and within it's simplicity, it's great. I'm glad they had something to show, because U was one of their best songs this year.

#58 ~ Winner ~ Baby, Baby

This MV is okay. I like that it's got stories. It's filmed well, it fits the song well, its a little sexy and a lot sad. I like that Mino's best friend is his big fish in the tank. The behind the scenes video of this is amazingly cute. It was one of the reasons I feel in love with Winner.

#57 ~ Got7 ~ Fly

This is mostly a performance video, which is why it's this far up on the list. I like the dance, I like the contrast of light and dark, and Jinyoung falling off a building and everyone flying is interesting, if not a little weird. But since it's mostly the dance, I'm good with that, so this video is higher on the list than I initially thought it would be.

#56 ~ NCT U ~ 7th Sense

I'm gonna put this out there...I hate this song. I so dislike this song that I didn't think I would like NCT at all when this was their debut song. That's all gone out the window (Hello, my name is Puppy Princess and I'm NCT trash) because I adore those children, and this MV is a lot better than the song that's in it. I like the dark colors, I LOVE the dance, I just wish the song was better.

#55 ~ Big Bang ~ Fxxk It

I do like watching Big Bang be dorks with each other. Watching them party in bright neon colors is fun, I can't help it, Not a huge Big Bang fan, but this video is fun to watch. I love Daesung  doing his thing when he's singing, I enjoy watching them nerd around in the room together. It's enjoyable. I was hoping for a better song as their last song together for a while, but the song is okay. It's overall...okay.

#54 ~ BTOB Blue ~ Stand By Me

So this might be here because I love BtoB so much. Their vocal line is frickin' amazing. This video is very simple, dark, but they show the talent, which I love. Show off those pretty faces. The video is made to let the song and the singers shine, and I think it does a good job of that. I can watch this video over and over and not be tired of seeing it. It's a good example of being inexpensive but effective with a music video, focusing on what's important. I like the video better than I like the actual song, tbh.

#53 ~ Seventeen ~ Pretty U

I so enjoy watching Seventeen play around in Seoul. It's fun, it makes me feel free and like I want to be hanging out with them. There is zero dancing in this, which is what I like to watch Seventeen do. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see them doofing around, being kids, and having fun, but this song had such story choreo that it would have been great to see a dance version of this. However, I do love watching them play, which is why this video is near the middle of the list and not further down.

#52 ~ Block B ~ Toy

I don't know. Maybe the song swayed my judgement. I like this song a lot. The MV is okay. I will never get over them sitting in the trash, near the dumpster, playing on the saying that "I'm trash for .... group."  I love Kyung and Zico rapping back to back. Zico's hair is terrible in this video. I guess it's so far up because there is a story element to it. They had a concept and they stuck with it. I love when Pyo does anything. I'm glad for once they weren't committing a crime. It's not quite as crazy as their normal MVs, but it's pretty out there. I always look forward to see what Block B is going to do next.

#51 ~ History ~ Queen

The memory of this video on release had it higher in my head until I rewatched it. First, I dislike this song. It's not the worst song, but it's not very good. I really want History to have a good song. They need an awesome comeback to rise in the ranks. I like them. This video was not as compelling on second watch as I remembered, but I do like shirtless idols. Yes, I'm shameless; but History loves taking off their shirts. They work hard for those bodies, and I appreciate that. The last 1/3 of the video is also very good. So between the skin and the dancing and the nice suits, I dig this MV. Here's hoping to a better song for History in 2017.

There we go! Like I said, there were a lot of repeats in this 20 videos, usually for the same reasons. The closer we get to number one, the more difficult this gets. My top 10 was pretty easy, it's the middle 20 coming up that had me moving things and stressing over where MVs belonged. Just know that I love groups, even if they have terrible MVs, I still love the boys.

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