Monday, January 9, 2017

Top 90 Kpop Music Videos from 2016 [70-51]

I noticed that a lot of the same groups ended up in this bracket. Like there are two Seventeen videos, both Big Bang videos, both Winner videos, two NCT videos....just a lot of the same groups. These are middle ground videos, and I like a lot of these videos, I just didn't like to the same degree as others on the list. This is where things get real, where the subjective nature of art comes in. Most of my comments are going to be generally good, because, again, I like these videos.

Explanations, as always, under the cut.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Top 90 Kpop Music Videos from 2016 [90-71]

Music videos are just as subjective as the music itself. I tend to like story driven or choreography heavy MVs. The cute-sy ones are cute, but not usually my favorite. Also, it's very difficult to separate my opinion on the song from the MV. There are some songs I love, but the MV is horrendous. Then there are songs that the MV makes me like it more. It just depends.

Trends I noticed in male Kpop MV's this year:

  • Beat up boys ~ They are so pretty, they love when they get to look a little rough and bad ass. There were a lot of concepts that had make-up artists testing their talents by putting scrapes, bruises, cuts, blood, and bruises all over these boys. It was a popular theme this year.
  • The 80s ~ You see, I was around in the 80s so I remember the fashion the first time around. It was not pretty. I don't know why Kpop wants to bring it back, but there was a lot of 80s themed concepts this year. Some pulled it off okay, other's bombed at it, but I really hope it doesn't continue to be a trend in the new year. 
That's it really. Not all groups touched on these concepts, but when I went through and watched all the 2016 male Kpop MVs, I just noticed these popped up more frequently than I remembered. Just an interesting aside. 

Another thing to be noted is that I adore every one of the groups on this list. They wouldn't be on the list if I didn't like them, TBH. I am Kpop trash for the most part- if it's a boy Kpop group it won't take much to make me love them. Despite all my love for these groups, some of their MVs are just not as appealing to me as others. Some people might love an MV that drives me crazy, but that's okay. I realize that not everything is made for me. There are a wide variety of things that people like, and I accept that. Just because an MV is #90 doesn't mean it's a terrible video (though #90 is pretty terrible). If you like it, however, I don't hate that. Like it. You're allowed.

So here is my opinion, the bottom 20. This list has been revised and edited throughout the process of me downloading things and editing them, so it's pretty accurate to my feelings. I like watching top 10s and whatnot to see what other people think about things, to see if our opinions are similar or not. Sometimes they are, sometimes they are most definitely not. 

Explanations about my opinions under the cut

Friday, December 30, 2016

Best Debut Kpop Groups 2016

Music is a very subjective thing. That's the number one thing I've learned since getting into Kpop. I get that Kpop doesn't appeal to all people. It's not really meant to. I also understand that Kpop I like isn't going to be the same Kpop that another person likes. It's all totally personal based opinion.

I won't get ranty in this post (no promises later) but I want to be very clear that these will not be objective lists. It's impossible to look at music and music videos objectively. My best friend and I like all the same Kpop groups, we like all the same songs, but her list would be totally different from mine because of personal feelings I have toward groups. As a human, you have natural biases towards things. And it's okay. We can all still be friends.

So my favorite debuts of 2016 are all boy groups and 1 co-ed group. Why? Because I don't really listen to girl Kpop groups. I know about them, I think I have a Berry Good song downloaded on my iPod, but I don't enjoy Twice or IOI or Black Pink. I don't hate them, more power to you girls, I just don't enjoy the girl group Kpop sound. So you won't find any girl groups on my blog 98% of the time. Again, it's personal.

So here it is, the Kpop groups that debuted in 2016 that I totally appreciate. My reasoning will be under the cut if you want to know why I picked them and in this order. Enjoy!

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